Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Day 30

It's the last day...holy cow we made it!  I want to finish today on a strong note and by not over-eating. I feel like yesterday was not a great day and I ate A LOT (although all compliant) during Superbowl.

Thinking about the last 30 days, here are a few things I've realized:

1. While I love my green tea, I've also come to love having coffee in the morning as well. I've never been a morning coffee person, but instead more of an after dinner cup of coffee person. Maybe its because its so cold out and my office is always freezing so its a way to warm up when I first arrive. And I have no problem drinking black coffee so I've never felt like I was missing anything, unlike others who had to give up their precious flavored creamers in their coffee to do Whole30.

2. I can't eat eggs for breakfast every day. I could eat a hard-boiled egg every day but not scrambled or over-easy every day. A banana with some almond butter has become a good back-up breakfast for me and I LOVE the combination together. It almost tastes like a treat.

3. Thirty days is not long enough to slay my sugar dragon. I still very much crave sweets. And with Valentine's day and then my Birthday right around the corner, they are EVERYWHERE and I want them ALL! It's going to be a hard couple of weeks, although we are done with Whole30, to not eat all the cupcakes, chocolates and ice cream in sight. I need to find some balance, somehow. One mantra I've tried in the past is telling myself I know what it tastes like and I'm sure I'll have it again sometime in the future, so that doesn't mean I have to eat a crap ton of it now. We'll see if that works.

4. Working out is my constant and has become like a drug for me. I don't like missing a Bootcamp class and I try to go 4-5 times a week. I skipped a happy hour recently because I would have had to miss bootcamp and I didn't want to do that. I've taken work conference calls with a headset on while at bootcamp. When I've had a not-so-great eating day, working out is my redemption. I can be successful there and end the day on a high note. I'm proud to be one of the stronger people in a lot of my classes but there are also people that are stronger and faster and they push me to get better, and I need that. I'm going to do a sprint triathalon this summer with a bunch of bootcamp friends and I'm really looking forward to trying something new.

Banana with Almond Butter

Leftover turkey meatloaf
Roasted veggies & potatoes

Leftover paleo spinach artichoke dip with carrots & celery

Leftover chicken wings and paleo ranch from Super Bowl
Hot Dog
Carrot & celery sticks
Diced pears

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