Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 22

I felt like the weekend went really great, both eating and just enjoying the beautiful weather! While I'm not a fan of Mondays in general, I feel good going into this week. I'm really starting to see the results of eating clean; my pants are much looser and I've been feeling energized at my workouts.

We ate off a bunch of leftovers over the weekend to help clear out the fridge for the upcoming week. It was nice not to spend the whole weekend cooking. I'm excited to try something new for breakfast this morning. The blueberry tortilla thing is a recipe I've had on my Whole30 list since last summer. It got a little messy when I flipped it (need to work on my chef skills) but overall it tasted pretty good! I'm glad I decided to add some sausage to the breakfast otherwise just the egg/blueberry thing would not have been filling enough.

For dinner tonight, i'm pumped to have shrimp because we haven't had them at all yet on this Whole30. This meal is one of my favorites and its pretty easy to pull together and its nice and light. Making the cauliflower rice the day before helps a lot, and its easy to just heat up at meal time. For the shrimp, I seasoned and marinated them overnight with the following: S&P, touch of cumin, red pepper flakes, lime zest, lime juice and some fresh cilantro. I wanted to pull some of the same cilantro lime flavors from the cauliflower rice into the shrimp as well but kick them up a notch with the cumin and red pepper flakes. We'll pair it with either broccoli or asparagus if I can get to the store on my way home from work tonight. The asparagus at Schnucks last night sucked so we didn't buy any. Hoping Whole Foods has some that looks better.

Sweet & Savory Blueberry tortilla
Apple Chicken Sausage
Green Tea

Leftover chicken fajitas, served over some shredded lettuce


Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice
Slices strawberries & peaches

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