Sunday, February 7, 2016

Day 28 - Super Bowl!!

Its Superbowl day! Always a little bit difficult when you're trying to eat health or even harder when you're trying to eat clean. Most party foods are filled with cheese or other dairy, grains and usually some sweets thrown in the mix too.  J and I have had a plan for what we could make and bring to the Superbowl party for awhile so hopefully that should make it easier to not be tempted by all the other snacks there that we can't have.

Update: the superbowl foods turned out awesome! Wings were great and the last minute decision to make some paleo ranch to dip them in was the best decision of the day! The spinach artichoke dip also turned out really good and you couldn't tell it was made with cashews. It still had a really creamy texture that tons of cheese would normally give spin dip. I definitely ate way more food than is pictured below. That was simply plate #1. But we ate pretty light earlier in the day and basically forgot to eat lunch so I figure all the Super Bowl eating makes up for that.

Scrambled eggs w/leftover pork carnitas & peppers


Wings with Tessemae's hot buffalo sauce, and homemade paleo ranch
Paleo spinach artichoke dip with sweet potato chips and veggies
Fruit (strawberries, raspberries, orange slices)
Plantain chips & homemade pico de gallo

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