Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Day 23

After looking at all the leftover food still in our fridge from late last week and the weekend, we decided that we don't need to cook dinner tonight, we can just survive off the leftovers for another day. Plus, a few of the meals I'm planning for the week will have more than just 2 lunches leftover, like the turkey meatloaf and the pork carnitas. There will be several servings of those leftover.

Since I ate like 1/3 a container of cashews in the afternoon as a snack, I still felt extremely full by dinner time and decided to just make a light salad and have some prosciutto for a little protein. Ugh. I may have just ruined cashews for me for awhile. :(

Banana with almond butter
Hard-boiled Egg

Leftover burger with ketchup and wrapped in lettuce
Strawberries & peaches

Cashews (ugh I ate way too many, hens the empty container!!)

Salad with Tessemae's Balsamic dressing
1 slice of prosciutto

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