Monday, February 1, 2016

Day 21

The weather was so beautiful today (high 60s and sunny!) so we decided to g out and enjoy the day after breakfast. We went to Lone Elk Park and did a 4-mile hike. Ended up seeing tons of wildlife (elk, deer, and bison) along the way which was a lot of fun! After our hike we had a small lunch and relaxed for a bit before having an early dinner because J wanted to watch the NHL All-Star Game. After dinner we went to the grocery store and got all our food for the week. Sundays are typically my meal planning and food prep day for the upcoming week. And we usually spend some of Sunday evening doing various meal preps. J makes a big batch of his potato, sausage & egg hash so he has 5 breakfasts for the week. I also like to make something for my breakfasts for the week and decided to try a new recipe this time: a sweet and savory blueberry egg bake. That should make 4 breakfasts. I also made some more cauliflower rice seasoned with lime juice & zest, garlic, onion and cilantro. We're planning on having shrimp for dinner on Monday night and the cilantro rice (cauliflower) goes will with shrimp served on top. And because I get home late on Monday nights because of bootcamp (6:30-7:30), it makes dinner prep go so much faster!

Scrambled eggs
Strawberries & pineapple

Hard-boiled egg
Apple with almond butter


Leftover pork chop with applesauce
Roasted brussel sprouts

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