Monday, February 8, 2016

Day 29

Ahh its the second to last day!! While we're not going to just drop everything on Wednesday and go back to eating crap all the time, its still exciting to almost be done.

I'm pretty pumped for my zucchini fritters this morning. I made them on Friday and loved them. And I'm getting sick of eating eggs for breakfast all the time. Actually I got sick of eggs for breakfast about 2 weeks ago.  :/

Dinner tonight was pretty awesome. Especially considering it was a last minute decision. This was a super easy dish to pull together. I didn't have fire-roasted tomatoes so I just used regular diced tomatoes and added a little cumin and some red pepper flakes to give it some heat and smokey flavor. It turned out great and definitely had the heat! This was super easy and delicious so I will definitely be making this again!

2 leftover zucchini fritters with hot sauce
Green Tea

Leftover pork carnitas served over lettuce with salsa
Roasted peppers and onions

1/2 apple, it was mushy  :(
Almond Butter

Tuesday Night Chicken
Green Beans

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