Sunday, January 24, 2016

Day 13

Met up with some girlfriends today to get our nails done and go to lunch. We went to a sort-of new place called The Hot Pot which has paleo and other alternative options. J and I have been wanting to try this place for awhile so I was excited to go out to eat somewhere while on Whole30. I ended up getting a bowl make with zuchini noodles, a bunch of other veggies and with a poblano pesto sauce. It was just okay. The "sauce" was very liquid like a broth, not what I was expecting. And all the veggies seemed overcooked. Next time I think I'll get more of an asian inspired bowl with udon noodles and a soy sauce based source. Post Whole30 of course.

This evening we went to The Fox with some friends of ours to see Newsies. I hadn't seen it before and ended up loving it! The friend we went with has a lot of food allergies so eating out is nearly impossible for her so we all just ate dinner at our respective houses and met up at the theater.

Scrambled eggs
Apple chicken sausage

Zoodle shrimp & veggie bowl at Hot Pot
Fresh juice (Apple, pineapple, ginger)

Sweet potato chips

Leftover chicken with asparagus and tomatoes

Theater snack: Cashews and coffee (not pictured)

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