Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 1

I spent a solid 3 hours doing meal prep last night so how could I not feel prepared today, right? Last night I made roast beef in the slow cooker and steamed some broccoli for our lunches today. The other major meal prep was for breakfasts for the whole week. Last time we did Whole30 we loved having a potato hash and eggs for breakfast so we're starting off this time with the same. I prefer sweet potato hash (cinnamon, garlic powder & cumin) with a sunny side up egg while J prefers white potatoes with peppers and scrambled eggs.

Buying a bag of frozen cubed hash brown potatoes saved a lot of time here. The Schnucks brand was the only one that was compliant (Ingredients: potatoes, nothing else). I also decided to change it up and make some additional breakfasts with roasted brussel sprouts and an egg on top to get some more green veggies early in the day.

We ended up liking the tilapia even though we both don't usually like fish. It was mild enough and had some good seasonings to mask the fishy taste. J even said he would eat it again if I made it. Success! I wish we liked fish more because it can be so healthy for you. Whole30 is a good opportunity to try some new things so I see more fish entrees in our future.

Here was Day One:

Sweet potato hash with a runny egg
1 cutie
Green tea

Lettuce salad with red pepper, carrots, black olives and Tessemae's Balsamic dressing
Several slices of the crock pot roast beef I made last night

Baby Carrots

Tilapia with Cilantro Butter
Sautéed spinach

Day 1 is always easy. The real test begins over the next few days...

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