Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 12

Well the upset stomach and GI has finally settled this morning and I'm feeling a lot more normal. Still want to take it easy today and not eat too much food that's got a lot of spice or crazy flavors.

Since I have Friday afternoon's off from work, J decided to take this afternoon off as well so we could hang out and go to an early evening movie, which we haven't done for awhile. We love going to the movies but we are spoiled with the eat-in theaters and love getting dinner and/or a drink while we're there. It will be hard to resist the popcorn smell but we'll probably eat before we go and maybe bring some almonds and coconut flakes in a baggie as a movie snack. :/

3 small banana pancakes (banana, eggs, cinnamon)
Green Tea

Egg Salad (hard-boiled eggs, Tessemae's mayo, dijon mustard, diced pickle and celery, paprika, S&P)

Plantain chips & salsa

Veggie & Meatball Soup

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