Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 11

It's freezing outside today and all I wanted for breakfast was something warm! Delicious coffee helped do the trick. I had lunch plans with a former colleague I hadn't seen in months and we picked a place that I could get a decent salad without having to make a hundred substitutions. And I brought my own dressing. It was hard to resist the delicious, fresh bread they served but, alas, I stayed strong. The salad was just okay, nothing special really. Looking forward to a more hearty option at dinner tonight.

The rest of my day was spent feeling like crap. Something did not agree with me and make my GI and stomach very angry. What I had planned for dinner didn't sound good anymore so I just make a quick chicken broth soup with some carrots, celery, potato and spinach. I diluted it with water so it was pretty mild. Tasted good and will hopefully help settle my stomach.

I also ate some of these sweet potato chips that arrived in the mail the day before. These things are so good they are dangerous. They are made by "Food Should Taste Good" and are the "kettle cooked sweet potato chips with sea salt" flavor. Compliant, but so hard to find in stores.  Enter Amazon. I now have a whole box, 12 individual bags :)

Sweet potato hash with sunny-side up egg

Chopped salad from Brio (minus the feta and red wine vinaigrette)
Tessemae's Balsamic dressing

Cashew Butter (instead of carrots)

Chicken broth with carrots, celery, potato & spinach
Sweet potato chips (not pictured)

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